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My work moves me into three distinct spaces.

  • With individuals seeking to find change on a topic or edge of development through Integral Coaching,
  • With organizations wanting to become more responsive and efficient in the meaningful endeavours they undertake, and
  • With entrepreneurs who find themselves reaching for help in up-leveling their systems and processes.

Kintoto Blot by Nanami Cowdroy;

Through the rich practice of Integral Coaching™, I work one-on-one with you in a custom tailored program to meet you exactly where you are on a topic or edge that deeply matters to you in your life.

It could be that you're looking to find deeper, more authentic connections to the people around you.  Perhaps you are looking to put a bullet in crippling procrastination.  Maybe you're struggling with how to overcome obstacles standing in the way of up-leveling your career. Or find a better work-life balance.  The topics I work with are varied, and no matter what it is we'll meet you where you are.

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Tweet City by Nanami Cowdroy;

Leveraging my skills and training as both an accredited Project Management Professional and a certified Integral Master Coach™, I work with organizations looking to better adapt, manage change, and engage their employees.

Agile project management technologies have proven consistently effective in the software and manufacturing industries.  My interest in deploying these same principles in service based organizations, whether they be non-profit, human services, NGOs, or large corporate environments.  These programs are for any organization seeking to deploy change both without and within.

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Imagination Cultivation by Nanami Cowdroy;

I have had the fortunate opportunity to succeed and succumb to challenges in a variety of industries.  These have included roles in the technology sector, hospitality management, youth development, and municipal services.  

The cross-section of experience I've gained through this diversity has led me to be uniquely placed to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I do this with a blend of coaching, management, and consulting to have my clients build and learn tech and design systems which will allow them to confidently scale and prepare their business for its next level of growth.

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