Work With Me

As a professional with a diverse career within large organizations and small ventures, I help empower emerging businesses with the tools, mindset, and development they need to scaffold their next level.  

This is done through a varying blend of coaching, consulting, creative work, and management depending on your specific business needs.  To pull this off, I leverage my abilities as a certified Project Management Professional and Integral Associate Coach as a jumping off point.  Combined with a varied background in areas like technology, non-profit, experiential development, and hospitality management; I have a wide knowledge base to draw upon in order to deploy exactly what it is your business needs to begin scaling to the next level.


The Beautiful Humans I work with

When entrepreneurs and small business owners start to run up against the limits of their own structures and processes, it's usually at this point that they find me.  In some cases, there is a wild or innovative idea they'd like to pull off, but while the vision is solid the logistical chops to pull it off feels shaky.  In others cases, my clients have found success in their business and scaled to a point where they need systems and design support but don't have the resources to hire a separate administrator, IT manager, and marketing coordinator.  And in others still, there's a specific focus like web design, webinar hosting, audio/video recording, or project management that they'd like to increase their game in.

This unique range of abilities sees me in the role of part coach to train and develop your abilities; part handyman to build, renovate, and tweak the tech and systems which support you; and part manager to handle the execution of these pieces until you develop the skills to manage it on your own after they're built.  My interest is not doing everything for you on a long term, indefinite basis.  Rather, I want to develop a sense of empowerment around the systems that support you and how you can use them to see a better return on your time and resources.

The Areas I work In

Some of the areas and competencies I work in are:

  • Professional project management
  • Video recording and editing for web
  • Audio production for web and podcasting
  • Implementing cloud based collaborative tools
  • Sourcing modern, low cost productivity applications
  • Designing personal productivity and task management systems
  • General design with Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Blog design and Wordpress tweaking
  • General web design and tweaking

What working together looks like

I like to be of service.  I like fun.  I understand that being an entrepreneurial leader can sometimes be a lonely place.  With this in mind, I keep things light but focused; targeted to getting you the most impact and value.  I enjoy sharing the work that I do with my clients, and appreciate more still the dialogue that we get to have.  I generally set it up such that I'm not tracking rigid hours, instead preferring to keep in contact and communication when you need it.  This feedback and ability to share and dialogue is, I believe, so important for clients who operate in fluid spaces and need someone available who knows the playing field their in to bounce ideas off of.

How much Does this Cost?

Great question.  I really depends on the scale of what we're working on.  I generally hesitate to charge hourly rates, as with the dynamic nature of the work that I do with my clients those hours are exceedingly difficult to track.  Usually, we get set up on a weekly or monthly retainer that we review at the end of the cycle to see if it still fits, based on what we've done and what's ahead.  As time goes by and you become more comfortable and need me less, the fee structure scales down as well.  

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